Family Survey

Take the Family Survey

(Parents with children under 18yr/old)

     It has been more difficult than usual to be connected because of the unusual year.  I hope that there have been some good things that have come out of changes this year for your family.  But face-to-face interaction with our church families with children under 18 has had many struggles and the worship and Christian Education Committees have worked hard to learn new technical skills to reach out to our members.  

     As we have opened the door to newer ways to interact we now need your input about how we go forward from here. Even before this COVID year lives have changed drastically, I know because I have grandchildren in sports and seems like tons of other activities, and they are busy.  I believe the church is going to look much different going into the future.

     Maybe you attended worship in the Holy Parking lot, worshipped inside with masks, hand sanitizer & communion in the little packets, or worshipped or attended Sunday School on Facebook.  Or, maybe you are one of the 22 % who have not attended worship all year.

     There is ample evidence that in the future we will be "meeting and connecting" more virtually and in places outside the walls of the church. We are currently exploring these virtual communities as well as other worship service and fellowship opportunities. We would love your input.  If you could take the survey at the top of the page, it would help us to grow into this new venture together. Please include any other ideas, comments, or suggestions you or your youth may have. 

     If you would ever like to meet just to chat, know that I am available, simply call, text or email me.  (It has been a challenge between peeking through car windows and trying to recognize folks with half of their face behind colorful and sometimes kooky masks, to get to know people.)

In advance, thank you for your input as we move forward in our journey of faith! 

In God's Amazing Love, Pastor Becky


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