Events / Calendar


Join us as we move outside to our "Sanctuary in the Son/Sun" on the following Sundays:

                                                 August 8th     Surprise Sunday

                 August 22nd     Back to School / Dr. Seuss 

                                           (Green Eggs & Ham breakfast following worship)

             September 5th     


During the summer, we will offer Holy Communion on the 1st & 2nd weekends of each month!

There will also be a section for lawn chairs this summer as well!

Saturday worship on these weekends will stay indoors at 5pm


Special thanks to: 

EJ Croll, Larry Gulau, Gary Durivage, Sherry Priesman, Steve Rhodes, Rick Asmus, Tracy Witt,

Randy Genzman, & Paul Lenke for their donation of time, talents, and material




2021 Endowment Trust Fund, Inc. Grant Requests

It's time again for organizations to be thinking and preparing Grant Requests for the year-end 2021 Endowment Trust, Inc. distribution.

Request forms are available on our website under the Endowment Trust tab or in the church office.

2021 Grant Requests must be submitted to the St. John's Church Office by September 30, 2021.






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